Paw Print Nails

paw print nails fin

I’m not usually one for painting my nails. Twelve years of nail polish being banned in school, it is something I never think of doing. However, I decided to make an effort for a party, and I think it paid off.

You need:

White nail polish

Tooth pick

Other colour of choice

Top coat

I gave my nails three coats of white polish.

After letting the coats dry, I dipped a tooth pick in some brown nail polish and let some of the excess drip off. I chose brown to make it look like muddy paw prints.

For the main part of the paw, you make an upside down Micky Mouse head shape, made with three small dots together.

For the toes you dot four smaller dots around the main piece.

Repeat for as many paws you want on each nail, I personally think two looks nice.

Wait slightly longer than you would for the nail polish to dry before putting a top coat on, as if the paw print isn’t dry it will get smudged.

Et voila!




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