Bus-Time Banter #4 – Coke Can Chat-up

20111018-coke-cans www.sillysilberman.com

I have experienced a fair few chat up attempts in my time, some so cheesy it would make you cringe. But last week I experienced a brief chat up that left me in awe.

Waiting at the bus stop with my respective other, we rambled to each other about the lack of bench at this particular stop. ( When I say we, I mean I rambled as he endured.)

A random bus pulls up to let people off, stopping so the end was at eye level with myself. Not paying much attention, I notice a chungfella sitting at the back drinking from a can of coke.

Glancing I turn away to answer some question, and when I look back I notice he is winking at me.

I looked to see if he was aiming his charms at someone else beside me , but there was just myself, my boyfriend and an old man with his little dog in a jumper, at the stop.

Look back again, and he is holding up the coke can. Slowly, be tuned it so the word “You” was shown on the side of the can. With a sultry eyebrow flick, he winked again as the bus drove off, out of sight into the cold wintry sunset.

He will make some poor chungwan positively weak at the knees with that one some day.


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