The Mystery – Random Roommates #2

As I mentioned before, I was randomly put in apartment with three other people for college. The Girl I have no problems with, and The Mess is nice if you can look past his potential to kill you by using the kitchen. But my third roommate has always been a mystery.

I moved in two weeks after the other three did. Myself and my Mam moved my stuff up, we had a cup of tea in the kitchen and speculated who my roommates would be. It was clear there was no one there, no one had come out to see who had come in and there was no noise or any sign of life. My Mam left about two hours later and I began to unpack. I had my door open to air the room out and I heard a door unlock. I thought great, someone is home, I best go meet them, I don’t want to be rude and not introduce myself. But it wasn’t the front door. A girl had come out of her bedroom beside mine. I was surprised as I thought I was alone on the apartment, but none the less introduced myself. She seemed totally surprised that I had come up to her and gave her name and left. Not in a rude way, she said she had to catch a bus, but I felt something was off. I remember texting my Mam and SO and they suggested she must just be shy, and so I passed it off as that. Indeed.

I didn’t see her for another two days. She didn’t seem to leave her room often, and at that I never ran into her. Two days after the first meeting, I met her having noodles in the kitchen. We talked for 5 hours. I’m stressing this because the girl has not made up that amount of conversation in the 8 months since. I met my other roommates and all was well.

Untill a week later. We didn’t see her since that night of my second meeting but we always heard her come home. Until one night she didn’t. For 3 days we listened out for her but there was no sign. We live in a dodgy enough pat of the city so we got a bit worried. Did she lave? Is she at home? Did something happen to her? Her home is on the other side of Ireland on the Islands off the west coast. The busses and boats to that part of the country arent’ that regular, and it was mid week so it was unlikely she just went home for a visit. So I messaged her on Facebook as she had added me during the marathon talking session. A day and a half later she replied that there was a family thing she had to go home for. Grand, at least she isn’t dead we thought. But when she came home we didn’t see her again for three weeks anyway. After some discussion that my other two roommates revealed that they didn’t realise she had been living with them for the two weeks prior to me moving in. They thought they had the place to themselves, she had never gone out to introduce herself to them.

On my birthday we invited her out to sit with us while we drank a small amount and ate cake. She stayed up until 10 then went to bed. The naggin of vodka she brought out for it is still in her press untouched. That was the last time my roommate The Girl saw her, 7 months ago.

Since then, I have seen The Mystery nine times and spoken to her four of those times. The other five times she didn’t recognise me or I saw her through the window leaving the apartment.

She leaves super early, and comes home, and stays in her rom until the next morning. She has only used the kitchen three times that I can tell and those three times she was making pot noodles and cup of soups.

Her food press consists of a naggin of vodka, half box of tea bags, half box of special k cereal and crackers, most of which has been there since the beginning of the year.

From what we can tell since she doesn’t leave her room at the weekends, she must have a kettle in her room. We have seen her arrive home through the window with take away on a regular basis, so the girl has not made a decent meal since she got here.

There are two shops close to us, one is in the industrial estate the apartment block is in but it is very expensive, the other is about a two and half min walk left of the gate,  an Aldi. The great big Aldi sign is visible once you get about 15 feet from the gate, and it is impossible to miss if you walk left. As the only real access is that road, you either go left or right at that gate. She never went left. For six months she had only ever turned right at the gate and never out of curiosity went left, the only other option there is, the way to the nearest, and most of the shops in the area. Nope. She asked me where the Aldi was because she had never been there. 6 months.

The next bit takes the biscuit though. I could deal with the weird isolation if it weren’t for this. Her family has stayed with us on numerous occasions. Bare in mind this is student accommodation, small, cramped, campus full of students and only students.

She never tells us they are coming, never introduces them , never asks if it is ok.

Her mother and two sisters stayed in our sitting room for a week the first time. They would go to bed a 10 at night so our kitchen was essentially off-limits from 10. They got up very early, sometimes at 6 and made a huge amount of noise every morning.

The second time her two sisters came down , one only stayed a day, the other younger one for over a week. A few weeks later her younger  brother stayed for a week and just last week he stayed with us again.

The chap is terrified of us for some reason. I remember walking in to the kitchen to this strange  boy in the kitchen. I said hi. He looked like he was about to wet himself. He was standing in the middle of the room eating cereal, alone. Then once I walked by him he ran out of the room and locked himself in her room.

This isn’t the first time he has done this either, The Mess said on two occasions he has walked into the kitchen, the boy got a fright, panicked and grabbed The Mess’ milk and cereal and legged it back to the bedroom. The last time he didn’t open the door far enough and ran into it at full force. He got up and ran into the room after.

Such strange people.


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